0502960001 VINTAGE RUG MAP
0502960001 VINTAGE RUG MAP
0502960001 VINTAGE RUG MAP

0502960001 Vintage Rug Map

  • Wood Frame

Artwork Made in Turkey
Hardware Pre-Attached and Ready to Hang
Hardware: Made in America
Frame: Made in America
Mat: Made in America
Orientation: Landscape

Care Instructions

To clean acrylic and acrylic plastic surfaces, we recommend using a non-abrasive, ammonia-free cleaner with a dry microfiber cloth.

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Own an original.

Want one of one? Our one-of-a-kind art includes custom-framed vintage rugs, camelback pillows, antique rug maps, and more. These typically don't stay around for long, so we recommend shopping them early and often.

Framed wall art in bohemian style room

Framed and assembled in America.

Framing can be as important as the artwork, which is why we do it in-house. By controlling the production end-to-end (from textile to assembly to framing), our team is able to ensure the quality and creative execution of each piece.

Framed and assembled in America.