Becca Interiors’

Wilton Project

Wilton Project

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Wilton, CT
project type
square footage
4,000 sq. ft
5 years
French-meets-Connecticut countryside
the challenge
Breathe new life into an outdated (but loved!) space

Somehow she knew. When Becca Casey saw the dark oak 
 floors, red silk wallpaper from the 1960s — oh yes, and yellow patterned wallpaper too — she knew that this was the home she was searching for. Soon the East Coast designer and founder of Becca Interiors revived the outdated but well-loved Connecticut home into a bright and comfortable family residence where the fireplace roars all winter and the flowers bloom all summer.
On a warm fall day, the Loloi team dropped in to see how Becca layered hand-knotted rugs, throw pillows, and art into her home. “They really create an extra layer of comfort,” she said, fluffing a pairing of pillows before settling deep into a plush sofa in the position of someone who loves no place more than home.

About the Designer

Becca Casey is the principal and founder of Becca Interiors in Connecticut. Becca’s intuitive design style mingles inspiration from her upbringing in the English countryside with modern East Coast sensibilities. Her work has been featured in House Beautiful, Homes & Gardens, and many others.

Inside Becca’s Project

Loloi – How would you describe your design style?

Becca – My design point of view really stems from my upbringing in the English countryside. I really enjoy mixing and juxtaposing different styles, historic pieces, antique pieces, with some more modern silhouettes.

Loloi – What were some of the major transformations you made in this space?

Becca – We wanted to utilize the light that the house brings in through these beautiful windows that are almost floor-to-ceiling, so I decided to change out the floor into a white oak because I knew that would help cast the light in a different way. We decided to lighten up the walls with ivory paint, even widening the doorways, making it feel a little bit more updated, with a little bit more formality to it. We were really changing the nature of the space.

Hand-knotted texture, at home by the hearth — Heirloom 06 Bone / Charcoal
Lightness in the living room — Heirloom 06 Bone / Charcoal
Vintage wood furniture brings the warmth of the past to the fresh view of the present — Heirloom 06 Bone / Charcoal

Loloi – What was the most notable challenge for this project?

Becca – One room that was once an office is now my daughter’s nursery, so the biggest design challenge was understanding how we were going to create a home for years to come, in a way that was functional to the needs of our growing family, little ones, dogs, animals — and all sorts.

Loloi – How do you usually approach picking out textiles?

Becca – I’ve gone about it in two different ways. Sometimes I start with the rug — if I find the rug I love — then I’ll build a room schematic off that. Alternatively, I’ve done it the other way, where I’ve created a whole room schematic that’s a beautiful serene, subdued, palette. But then I’ll bring in a rug that really gives it that grounding element or that pop that it needs.

An airy palette grounds the dining room — Heirloom 04 Aqua / Terracotta
A mix of wood finishes bring natural glow — Heirloom 04 Aqua / Terracotta
Where there was once red silk wallpaper, now there is light — Caicos Wall Art

Loloi – We noticed you used a few different designs of the Heirloom Collection. Why were you drawn to that rug?

Becca – I really gravitate towards texture. I absolutely love nubby linen. I love a good high wool pile rug, and the Heirloom Collection has a beautiful handwoven quality to it.

Loloi – How has your design process changed over time?

Becca – I've had the privilege of collaborating with extraordinary clients who entrust me with their design vision. Over time, I've developed a profound understanding of my own design authenticity. Embracing this direction and essence, rather than chasing trends, is the key to creating truly harmonious spaces.

For more inspiration – @beccainteriors – Follow Becca on Instagram – See Becca's portfolio 

Greenery from the garden makes its way inside
Embroidered artwork in a quiet corner — Wall Art
A mélange of pillows where the designer settles in for her morning coffee — PLL0096, PLL0079, PLL0080

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