Heidi Caillier’s

Fox Island Project

Fox Island Project

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Fox Island, Washington
project type
square footage
6,500 sq. ft
2 years
French modern meets bold, bright textiles
the challenge
Make a new build feel like a home with history and patina

Fox Island is a cozy wooded enclave a little over five square miles off the coast of Washington. There, nestled in a high bank overlooking the glassy waters of Puget Sound, designer Heidi Caillier got to work on a stunning residential project, home to a family of five (and one dog!). The Seattle-based interior designer and author, celebrated for her uncanny use of pattern and color, worked with her clients to infuse their newly built home with warmth and character—and lots of textiles.

Recently, the Loloi team flew to Washington to join Caillier as she layered rugs and pillows into each finished room. In the video below, Caillier walks through the home’s design journey from blueprints to a beautiful yet liveable space for a busy family. “Textiles are always the driving force,” she said, “I really love to pull from different design eras and genres to create an eclectic, layered look.” It all comes together, the Heidi Caillier way.

About the Designer

Heidi Caillier is the principal and founder of Heidi Caillier Design in Seattle, Washington. Heidi’s design philosophy is based on the belief that homes should be comfortable and livable, while at the same time beautiful and curated. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and Homes & Gardens, and in her book, Memories of Home.

Inside Heidi’s Project

Loloi – What was your design inspiration for this project?

Heidi – They wanted a very classic home. In their inspiration images, I saw a lot of things that were French-modern, and had bright, bold textiles. And once we landed there, I knew the direction.

Loloi – What was the most notable design challenge for this project?

Heidi – The challenge, when you’re working with a new build or new construction, is how to bring character into the house and trying to figure out how to make it feel like it has some age and patina on it. So we were really attentive to layering the hard finishes of the home with soft textiles, patterns and prints, and wall coverings to bring some warmth.

Hand-loomed lines meet lush florals — Hadley Collection
Floor-to-ceiling texture with one-of-a-kind wall art, topped off with a pillow — Pillows and One-of-a-Kind Wall Art
The media room revolves around a headlining vintage sofa — Hadley Collection

Loloi – You’re known for your use of patterns, but there are neutral details in this home, too.

Heidi – I chose the rug for the kitchen because it grounds that big expanse between the sink and the refrigerator. It’s soft and neutral, so it allows the kitchen to speak for itself. The kitchen has always been one of my favorites. It feels expansive and cozy at the same time.

Loloi – How do you usually approach picking out textiles?

Heidi – When people ask me about selecting textiles, I always tell them, make sure you get a physical sample, because things always look different online. But then for me, it’s all about the mix. If you’re going to use a small scale [pattern] on a sofa, use something large scale in the draperies. The patterns should meld together.

Natural tones, otherworldly results— Odyssey Collection
In the kitchen, off-the-grid — Beverly Collection
Caillier spruces up the jaw-dropping kitchen

Loloi – This home has a stunning view of the water, how did that influence your design?

Heidi – The house is driven by the land that it sits on, which has a beautiful view of the Puget Sound. My work was very much about capturing that—making the house feel like it was part of the landscape.

Loloi – How has your design process changed over time?

Heidi – When I first started, I would look at my clients’ Pinterest boards and do exactly what they were asking for. Now I feel much more able to put my own spin on it. So I’ll look at their inspiration images and take away color or pattern, or shapes of furniture, but I have much more creative freedom now and that’s really lovely.

For more inspiration – @heidicaillierdesign – Follow Heidi on Instagram
heidicaillierdesign.com – See Heidi’s full portfolio 

A soft palette sweeps over the bedroom — Khalid Collection
Rosy details add warmth to the bedroom — One-of-a-Kind Pillows
Antique textiles build a bridge to the past — Wall Art

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